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My name is Raymond Lanser, I am 27, and I graduated with a BS in Graphic Communication Design from the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati.

As a designer, I am interested in the intrinsic interaction between people and graphic design and the way this interchange can transform perception. In my work, this is primarily through environmental graphic design and information design solutions.

I enjoy designing solutions in a built environment that create engaging experiences. The capacity for a user to physically interact with a design solution challenges the designer to push the limits of what design can mean within a space and what effect design can have on those within that environment.

I am interested in using information design, by working with non-profits, as a platform to change people's perceptions on social activism and issues. In a world where there is access to an overwhelming amount information on issues, information design can play an important role in collating this data into a digestible form that can create informed change. I have always found the design work of Amnesty International to be an inspiring example of how design can achieve this. However, I would like to work with any company that seeks to create social change, large or small, through design.

I am an avid traveler/nature enthusiast. I believe the more one learns about other cultures, and the more one understands about nature, the greater their capacity to create truly evocative design. Thanks for taking the time to look through my work.

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