CycleBar® Social
Media Campaigns

Social Media Graphics

CycleBar® is a Premium Indoor Cycling™ company that builds its consumer base by creating a unique invigorating, energetic, and edgy community experience. This experience is enhanced through a variety of activities such as themed rides and events, with monthly marketing campaigns ranging from competitions, to meet-ups, to pop-up rides, charity events, and more. Social media graphics are created for these events and monthly campaigns for CycleBar stores across the United States.

As a member of the CycleBar marketing team, I was tasked to create graphic design solutions for a variety of marketing campaigns from events, to new rider pushes, to the aesthetic for nationwide monthly campaigns. Below are a selection of events graphics and content from the February Ride Your Heart Out for Heart Disease campaign, for which CycleBar partnered with the American Heart Association to raise money for heart disease.

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