DAAP Decks

Digital Library Search Engine
Curation Resource

DAAP Decks is a collaborative project designed to capitalize on the extensive resources of the DAAP Library that the majority of students were either unaware of or under utilized, as recorded in student surveys. We also found the current library website to be confusing and visually complex to those surveyed.

DAAP Decks was created to help students, who are used to an aesthetically navigating problems, navigate the library material, as well as create a resource they will want to use repeatedly. We did this by creating a site, that exists in accompaniment with the current site, that allowed students and teachers to create collections (or decks) of resources, as well as browse featured collections curated by library staff.

I was responsible for the creating of the logo mark in addition to the graphic style for the web interface. Other deliverables were produced as a group and included a promotional and informative video and a poster and bookmark print campaign to raise awareness for the resources.

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