Cities of the Red Night

Book Re-Design

A student project to redesign a book, where the student is challenged to interpret the content in the design. The focus was on basic leading, tracking, type choice, and type ragging, in addition to design choices.

I chose William S. Burroughs’s Cities of the Red Night as source material. The book is written in cut up technique, takes place in multiple timelines, intersected by multiple characters time traveling, along with dirty, heavy, and hot verbal language. In addition the symbol of the hanging is used in reference to time travel and transference of bodies.

As the book's content is extremely complex, I decided to emphasize the cut up technique, multiple timelines, and heat of the language as distinctive elements. The cover takes these elements and the unifying element of a hanging that is a repeated element linking the story together. The cover is reflected to represent the multiple timelines.

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