Stopped and Frisked

An Anti-”Stop and Frisk” Publication

Stop and frisk is a controversial policing tactic during which citizens are stopped by officers using “reasonable suspicion” and may be frisked or searched. Current attempts at discussing the policy are either micro in scale, intangible articles, purely quantitative, and/or self serving in origin.

I wanted to create a solution that provided clear, holistic, and relateable communication piece to provide needed tangibility to the divisive policy. I identified three main related problem areas: how and when a stop is conducted, what we’re actually finding and how we handle it judicially, and the impact on the community.

I created a publication, masked as a time magazine, that could be distributed all around the NY city, where those distanced from the reality of the issue could connect. It is a three segment story, with three relating graphic styles that represent of the content of the three main problem areas.

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